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Collaboration with Owari Photography 03

Collaboration with Owari Photography

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We have collaborated with Owari Photography for a campaign that they have launched in mid 2020, Owari Express Photography.

With this new campaign that they launched, it focuses mainly on product photography with the limelight shining on affordability and a fast turn around time within 2 days.

Owari Photography approached us and we send them a product range of Metallic Bottles that is rather tricky to capture without a professional setup.

Why are Metallic items tricky to capture?

This would be because there is a reflection captured whilst taking the photo and the camera man would need to take it at a certain angle or to spend a lot of time with the professional software to remove the reflection.

How did the collaboration with Owari Photography turned out?

Owari Photography asked us if there was a specific theme that we had to adhere to.
We told them that we have completely no knowledge in this area and to have them use their expertise to complement the photos.

The bottles were provided on Monday and received them back on the next day, Tuesday. That was a one day lead time. Satisfied? You bet.

This was the BEFORE photo. 

This was the AFTER photo.

Collaboration with Owari Photography 03


We had a horrific time whilst performing the capture on the metallic bottles on our own.
Owari Photography swooped in to save the day. Not only were they fast, the results were satisfactory for a one day turnaround time.

If you need professional photography without the throbbing headache of a novice, check out their website. They are extremely affordable as well!

Author: PrintVolution