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Creating a complete wedding stationery package

Creating a complete wedding stationery package

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Weddings are special occasions that symbolize the love and commitment between two people embarking on a life together. There is a lot of planning involved in a wedding. One of the first things the happy couple needs to consider is wedding stationery. Many people think wedding stationery is just about the invitations but soon realize that there is a whole lot more that needs to be arranged. There are ready-made wedding stationery packages you can purchase but they tend to look a little cheap and impersonal. The paper may look nice, but when you need to fill in all the details by hand, it detracts from the personal touch that you may be trying to convey.

When it’s time to arrange your wedding stationery, come and see what PrintVolution can do for you. We can help create a complete wedding package that is symbolic of the bride and groom and will give your upcoming nuptials a personal touch. To give you a breakdown of what you should include in your wedding stationery package, you’ll need to look at what you need before the wedding, on the wedding day and after the wedding.

Creating a complete wedding stationery package

Before Your Special Day

Save The Date Cards – Weddings can take many months of planning and sometimes even years. Most couples will need to find a venue for their reception and, depending on where you live and the actual venue, this could be a year or more in advance. The norm for sending out wedding invitations is about two months before the wedding but if you are planning on inviting out-of-town guests, it’s good to give them plenty of notice to arrange travel, accommodation and plan vacation leave, etc. Save The Date cards are just that. A notice to let guests know that you are getting married so to keep that date free to attend.

The Invitation – While most couples will send out their wedding invitations a couple of months in advance, those who are expecting to invite guests from other cities, or other countries, may consider sending their invitations six months in advance. The details in wedding invitations should include dates, times and locations for the ceremony and reception as well as the name of the invitees. Contact details for the bride and groom should also be included so guests can get in touch if they need to. Invitations should always be sent in a matching envelope.

RSVP Cards – Wedding invitations should always be sent with an RSVP card. The card should have a final date to notify the bride and groom of whether you can or can’t attend.

On Your Wedding Day

The main event is finally here and it is important that your stationery on the day is the same design as your invitation. The wedding stationery on the day should include:

  • Ceremony program
  • Seating plan
  • Table numbers
  • Place cards
  • Menu

Guest favors are also a must. You can arrange a personalized printed gift with PrintVolution or you can simply add a personalized card to a small box of chocolate or sugared almonds. While you’re at it, add a touch of elegance with a stunning wedding sign.

After The Wedding

There is only one stationery item you will need after the wedding and that is the Thank You card. Many of your guests traveled great distances to celebrate your special day with you and even those who are local should be thanked for making your special day a memorable one.

Call PrintVolution when you’re planning your wedding and we’ll help you create a complete wedding stationery package that is stylish and elegant to make the most important event of your life a very special one.

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