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How the Right Greeting Cards Sell Your Company

How the Right Greeting Cards Sell Your Company

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Greeting cards are very important when it comes to connecting with all manner of clients while opening the door for more connection with potentially new ones. Before the printing companies Singapore experts have delivered your greeting cards you might want to reflect on how they actually sell your company and brand.

Refresh clients and customers

It’s not just the fact that you can refresh a mail list when you embark on delivering greeting cards to esteemed clients. You can do more and accomplish much from them. Note that greeting cards are not all about catching up on clients and celebrating an event, holiday or milestone with them but offer more than you can see.

Firstly, with the card you have the perfect chance to reach your clients with a very personal item. In the process all non-valid, wrong or changed addresses are removed and working ones either added or updated. Even better, greeting cards allow you to know all inactive clients and revive your engagement while using them to attract new prospects.

Personalized cards of all kinds are highly appreciated by people and almost all will open them. Apart from your wishes, offer a gift to them such as a price cut, discount or other exclusive offer with their future purchases.

Enhances branding efforts

Obviously, you probably have been working hard to promote your company and build up the brand throughout the year. Greeting cards from your Singapore printing company can help you do more as you end promotional efforts throughout the year. The card, for instance a holiday card, is able to enhance your branding and strengthen it.

Singapore printing services pros will help you personalize the greeting card with special messages, brand colors, slogan and even a logo as you wish your prospects and current clients happy holidays. In contrast with other marketing efforts, the card allows you to conclude and strengthen all your promotional strategies up to that time.

Boost sales

In a study of greeting cards it was found that transactions per individual went up by over 42 percent in both in-store and online sales. Even better, sending that birthday, holiday or even card to repeat customers is so important because they spend more money than new purchasers. Adding a personalized message, including some offer inserted inside it, touches base directly with the person, which translates into a better relationship and repeat business. A superbly designed and printed card from your printing service Singapore will be so memorable that the receiver would want to come into your store or order from you again.

Creates outspoken brand ambassadors

Getting your greeting cards creatively designed and expertly printed by printing services Singapore specialists has its perks. A personalized card makes the person to feel so special and valued like they are always high in your mind. Such a customer who feels appreciated and liked immediately becomes an outspoken, unpaid and unsolicited brand ambassador. Referrals become common and repeat business the norm.


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