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Dri Fit T Shirt

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Go from mediocre to appealing to high quality, easy on pocket t-shirt printing.


For silkscreen, embroidery and other specifications that are not listed on the website,
please request for a custom quote with the form located below.


Upload Your Artwork

Only one option needs to be utilised in the uploading of artwork.

Option 1: Upload the design via Dropbox / Google Drive / WeTransfer and indicate the URL in the field labelled “Artwork”.
Option 2: Upload your design via the “Upload Design” button located below. (File Limit 512MB)

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Upload Design

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Size (Unisex)

Dri Fit T Shirt Unisex Size

Size (Female)

Dri Fit T Shirt Female Size

Color Chart

UDF0101 White

Unisex: UDF0101
Female: UDF1201

UDF0104 Crimson Red

Crimson Red
Unisex: UDF0104
Female: UDF1204

UDF0107 Iron Grey

Iron Grey
Unisex: UDF0107

UDF0110 Light Blue

Light Blue
Unisex: UDF0110

UDF0113 Orange

Unisex: UDF0113
Female: UDF1213

UDF0117 Tuscan Yellow

Tuscan Yellow
Unisex: UDF0117

UDF0120 Army Green

Army Green
Unisex: UDF0120

UDF0123 Royal Purple

Royal Purple
Unisex: UDF0123
Female: UDF1223

UDF0102 Black

Unisex: UDF0102
Female: UDF1202

UDF0105 Maroon

Unisex: UDF0105

UDF0108 Turquoise

Unisex: UDF0108

UDF0111 Admiral Blue

Admiral Blue
Unisex: UDF0111

UDF0114 Neon Pink

Neon Pink
Unisex: UDF0114

UDF0118 Lime Green

Lime Green
Unisex: UDF0118

UDF0121 Basil Green

Basil Green
Unisex: UDF0121

UDF0124 Neon Yellow

Neon Yellow
Unisex: UDF0124

UDF0103 Navy Blue

Navy Blue
Unisex: UDF0103
Female: UDF1203

UDF0106 Light Grey

Light Grey
Unisex: UDF0106

UDF0109 Magenta Pink

Magenta Pink
Unisex: UDF0109

UDF0112 Royal Blue

Royal Blue
Unisex: UDF0112
Female: UDF1212

UDF0116 Banana

Unisex: UDF0116
Female: UDF1216

UDF0119 Emerald Green

Emerald Green
Unisex: UDF0119

UDF0122 Barley Beige

Barley Beige
Unisex: UDF0122

UDF0125 Neon Orange

Neon Orange
Unisex: UDF0125

How do I place an order?
  1. Select the product specfications
  2. Click on "Start and Upload Design" button located below "Summary Options".
  3. A pop up window will appear with two options: "Upload a Full Design" and "Design Here Online"

"Upload a Full Design"

  • Upload your own design by either "Drag and Drop" or "Click to Upload" your own designs.
  • Once you have completed the upload, click on the "Complete" button which will bring you back to the product page.
  • Click on "Add to Cart" and you may continue browsing or continue shopping.

"Design Here Online"


  • If you do not have a design and wish to design on your own, you may use our Online Design Editor and save money on hiring a designer.
  • On the "Online Design Editor" page itself, there is a "?" symbol which will give you a brief walkthrough through the site.
  • Once you have completed your design, click on the "Process" button (Located on the top right hand corner) which will bring you back to the product page.
  • Click on "Add to Cart" and you may continue browsing or continue shopping.
What is the processing time?

The processing time is listed in the "Details" section above and is dependent on the product that you ordered.

Do you offer Express services?

It depends on our availability. Contact our office to explain your requirements.

Is it a delivery or self collection?

We provide free delivery for orders above $200. For orders below $200, the delivery fee is a flat $30.

The product that I wish to order is not on your website. Can I get a custom quote?

Yes, you may receive a custom quote. Contact our office to explain your requirements.

T Shirt Enquiry

  • Please indicate the sizes and the printing type (Silkscreen, Heatpress, Embroidery)