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Why printing in 2021 is better than ever

Why printing in 2021 is better than ever!

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With major improvements and modifications trending in the last year, there is no better time to get purchasing your prints of any description! Read on to hear all about the great improvements  in printing this year. 

Growth in Digital Printing 

With the growth of digital printing there are many benefits; because digital printing does not require a mould, there is less set up time compared to traditional printers. The faster turn around time and increase in personalisation capabilities has made it grow in popularity with businesses and also their customers. It is expected digital printing will continue to be on the up as businesses push to meet the demand for faster producer and delivery time. 


Increased personalised products 

As technology continues to advance this has increased the level of personalised products on offer from a range of businesses. Opening a whole new world for you to explore! A lot more control is given with endless opportunities due to this shift In the printing world. The increase in personalisation is a huge help to those of you with businesses as it’s easier than ever to have your personal branding across a range of products. 


Improved on demand printing 

Digital printing has made on demand printing services way more cost effective and also efficient. The advancement in digital printing has made printing on demand easier therefore more commonly offered by many businesses. No longer a time restricted process, printing is quicker and more efficient than ever. 


Improvement of sustainability in printing 

On demand printing with the use of newly improved digital printers means less waste. You can print exact amounts when you need them taking out the risk of overprinting and wastage of ink, paper and all products involved in the printing process. Overall printing has become more environmentally friendly saving energy and resources which before we’re wasted frequently in printing.


More flexibility for you as customers 

Each and every year printer capabilities improve, advancement in technology gives you a lot more choice when designing and printing your piece. A wider choice of print material options, personalisation and of course speed of the printing process. Not only are your choices more vast but better quality and ever closer to your ‘ideals’. This flexibility puts you in a lot more control of your print, increasing your satisfaction with the end product! 


To sum up printing has come on leaps and bounds, technology wise we are in an age of high quality printing services. The choice of custom designs and a vast range of materials ; the printing world is your oyster! There hasn’t been a better time to turn your marketing, gift of personal ideas into reality with modern printing!        


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