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Your Business Card Size-What is the Perfect Size

Your Business Card Size-What is the Perfect Size?

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If you have tried namecard printing before chances are you have noticed the size of all cards is almost the same. Try to remember that event you attended or all those business cards you own or seen in your lifetime. Chances are all the cards seem to have the same size.

Size convenience

The worst thing you can imagine is having you printing service in Singapore experts print inconvenient name cards unfit for your clients. When the card follows a generally acceptable size for your geographical location, country or region, it means that those you hand it to will be able to keep it.

The general person out there receives tens of cards annually. Most likely they have a place in their wallet, purses and handbags or container at home or office where they keep the cards. Your card will be added to this stack of other cards once you hand it over.

Some people have even downloaded name card scanning apps on their smartphones and will add your card to their digital business card collections as well. However, if you went with your own size that is nowhere conventional or standard the person will probably toss it away or simply leave it in a dustbin somewhere; it won’t really fit in their wallets, purses or pouches.

Sizes differ globally

Do you have the benefit of ever receiving name cards while traversing the globe? Try to remember the sizes and compare that with those you have received from your name cards Singapore printing service. If you were keen enough, the difference will be very obvious.

Any time a name card is mentioned anywhere people have a pre-conceived size in mind. One of the reasons why name card printing is done in such a small size is to make the printing affordable, efficient and unique. The standard size is almost globally accepted, but while cards might look the same in terms of size, there are differences depending on your global whereabouts.

In the United States and Canada for instance, cards are about 3.5 inches by 2 inches. In Japan the size is around 3.582 inches by 2.165 inches, while in the UK, Taiwan, India, Vietnam and most of Europe the size is about 3.346/3.54 inches by 2.165 inches.

In Singapore, China, Malaysia and Hong Kong the approximate card size is 3.543 inches by 2.125 inches or so.

Standard size doesn’t mean standard cards

These standard sizes remain approximates and only your Singapore printing company can get you exact sizes. There is always the Actual Size (such as 90mm by 54mm in most printing companies in Singapore) and Bleeding Size (94mm by 57mm).

A bleeding area is usually an eighth of an inch allowing the design elements selected for the card, for instance colored sections and patterns on the background, to extend a little more on the edges of the name card.

You don’t have to follow a conventional name card size or shape because others are doing it.


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