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Your logo in every corner of your office

Your logo in every corner of your office

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A lot of time, effort and research goes into marketing and developing a brand for your business identity. One of the most important identifiers for a business is the logo and you want it to be a prominent feature in your office. While it’s essential on your business stationery, there are other things you can implement around the office to let your company colors shine and let your clients know that this is where you are.

PrintVolution has an exciting range of promotional products that are perfect to surround your office with your own personalized merchandise and promotional materials.

Start At The Entry

It may sound cliche, but first impressions really do count. Your front entrance should feature glass decals with your business logo, contact telephone and your business hours.  Instead of hanging pictures on your walls of inanimate objects, wouldn’t it be better to showcase your own business on your walls? Grace your front desk with your logo, have glasses for water and a display with pamphlets and brochures to keep your visitors occupied while they’re in the waiting room. Your receptionist should also have notepads and pens featuring your company logo and perhaps a desk pad calendar.

Conference Rooms & Lunch Rooms

Meetings are an integral part of the business world and the conference room is the best place to meet. You need to have a good supply of stationery items so don’t settle for generic stationery when you can have personalized business stationery. Pens and notepads are an absolute must but you’ll also need other items such as name tags, calendars, corporate folders and even personalized key chains. Your business associates and colleagues will need refreshments during those long meetings so serve coffee, tea and water in mugs and glasses featuring your business logo. Offer water bottles as well and have them sitting on personalized coasters.

The Executive Office

When executives greet clients and partners in their office, they definitely want to leave a good impression. The quality and the style of the furniture is critical but it’s also important to know that you are not just selling products or services, but your business image. Place coasters on tables have whisky glasses with your logo engraved and keep a good supply of high-quality pens on your desk sitting right next to your nameplate.


There are dozens of different products you can feature in your office and you should incorporate your logo on as many of them as you possibly can. From parking signs for executives to pens and stationery as well as drinkware and other items, PrintVolution can help you select key products for your office. Your office should be a reflection of your business so promote your business and show your clients you’re a serious contender. Pass around some of these personalized products as gifts that can show your appreciation. You need to have these products in your office anyway, so stand out from the pack and show your personal brand as much as you possibly can.

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