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5 Things a Leaflet Should Not Lack

5 Things a Leaflet Should Not Lack

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Whether it is a small conference or gigantic event in downtown Singapore or elsewhere, a leaflet works marketing magic. Every leaflet is designed and crafted by your choice Singapore printing company for a reason, which should be very clear. Your intention might be promoting your services, range of diverse products or business brand.

Whatever it is, a leaflet should not lack these five things.

  • Your unique logo and/or brand/personal colors

If you think about a specific well-known company in Singapore, a certain logo and choice of color comes to mind. That’s exactly what we mean.  Big brands are remembered by people this way. So should your be your company, service or product. At the very least, you must make an effort of putting it out there; a leaflet is just one of the most effective ways of doing this.

Every color you need people to connect with your product or business should be incorporated in the leaflet. If a person finds it and sees the logo and color they should immediately know it’s your product, service or from your company.

  • Purpose and important details

You have approached a Singapore printing company for leaflets. It might sound obvious but you must include important details and a reason for the leaflet. Nothing should be taken for granted. You need to have an idea what you want to accomplish with it. In the process, you will come up with a perfect plan to pull it through.

You also want the reader to know certain facts, such as the location of the event and where tickets could be purchased. Perhaps you want readers to visit your website for freebies, tickets or information or give your company a call for more details.

While ensuring the sentences are short and to the point don’t forget other details such as event title or business name, location and dates of the event, included items and offers. Contact details are important to give customers a way of responding to the information.

  • Aim at a specific audience

A leaflet carries a message or information directed at a specific group of people. While designing it target a certain section of the population accordingly. For instance, discounts and seasonal savings should be in bold red. Any person anywhere in the planet knows reds in bold mean discounts. Images and illustrations brightly done will draw the attention of any child out there while certain choices of color are superb for promoting luxurious and expensive services or products. Also, type of audience determines the choice of language to be used in a leaflet, such as emotive words for charity flyers.

  •  Conspicuous images

Any Singapore printing company out there will tell you leaflets must include eye-catching photographs or images. They effectively stress on the reason for the document and give people a reason to read further. At times, a single image can convey all that you needed to say.

  • Don’t forget CTA

Call to Action (CTA) is everything. You need customers to respond to the leaflet by doing something. It could be call your company, purchase tickets or arrive at the event gate with the leaflet for a discount.

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