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Defining a space with colors & shapes

Defining a space with colors & shapes

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How much thought goes into creating the perfect office space? Most office buildings have a similar setup but where they differ is with how the office is decorated. There may be a few pictures on the walls, some posters or awards, and while they may look good, they may not be very inspiring.

If you have an office with a lot of blank, dull-looking walls, a mural can lift the mood of the office and look spectacular. Murals have been popular for many years and they can really define the workspace. PrintVolution can help you design the perfect mural to define your workspaces and give your office a brand-new image.

A Mural Can Tell A Story

A picture tells a thousand words so imagine having a stunning mural on a prominent wall in your office. You can have a mural made to highlight your company’s successes or a beautiful scene from nature to bring a sense of calm to the office. Depending on the brand image you are trying to achieve, you may decide to have an abstract mural for a contemporary look, a nicely stylized mural for a blend of abstract and photo graphics or you can just go straight for photo-based murals. One thing is for certain, the space will look stunning.

Low Maintenance & Easy To Replace

Murals are a great way to bring life to dull office spaces without complications. Pictures in frames need to be dusted and cleaned while other wall decorations need to be treated with extra care. Murals, on the other hand, are virtually maintenance-free so once they’ve been posted to the wall there is nothing to do but admire the view.

You may be reluctant to have a mural in your office because you think they are permanent. They are actually quite easy to replace. If you’ve been staring at the same mural for a few years and feel it’s time for a change, call PrintVolution and give your office a facelift with a brand-new mural.

Boost Your Office Productivity

Certain colors, shapes and images can prove the productivity in your office. If your business is fast-paced and hectic, a lovely tranquil image of a mountain and a stream can help soothe any tension in the office. You can also add a mural with a predominantly blue color palette which can bring a feeling of calmness and boost productivity. Add a splash of orange to increase motivation or a few red features to stimulate the mind and you can create a positive and productive office for your staff.

Add different murals in different areas of the office to clearly define those spaces and create the right color therapy combination to increase productivity and improve the overall ambient of the office.

A good quality mural will add value to your office and look impressive when your clients are visiting. PrintVolution can help you find the right mural for your office and ensure you get a high-quality image that people will love to look at.

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