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Custom Gifts for Special Events

Custom Gifts for Special Events

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Not all business is conducted at the counter or in the office. While these may be the places a transaction is closed, a good business manager is always on the job. Introductions and negotiations are often started far from the office at places like trade fairs and festivals.

Being remembered in a sea of competition is not easy so you need to break through that sea and stand out. One way to be memorable and stay relevant is to give potential and existing customers custom gifts. People of all walks of life love receiving gifts and we usually associate gifts as coming from family and friends.

Custom gifts aren’t just something that is used in the corporate world. You may be celebrating an anniversary or a wedding and you’d like to give your guests a small custom gift to say thank you. If you really want your event to be memorable, talk to PrintVolution and we’ll help you find the perfect custom gift to make your professional or personal event an unforgettable one.

What Type Of Event Are You Planning?

We all know which personal events warrant a custom gift so let’s focus on corporate events. Trade fairs are the perfect events for custom gifts and you can incorporate them into a sales campaign. For example, you may offer a bag of gourmet foods neatly packed in a tote bag featuring your company logo. This may not be a cost-effective gift for every person who comes to the trade fair because many people come to these events just for the freebies. However, you can have some small items like pens or key chains for the freebie fanbase and offer a more elaborate gift for those who make a purchase or sign a contract for your services at the fair.

Festivals are also great events and perfect for custom gifts. For example, you may be attending a food and wine festival so look at custom wine glasses or even a bottle opener featuring your company logo. Music festivals are also great places for promoting your business but rather than start passing around merchandise to anyone who passes by, offer a few custom gifts as raffle or door prizes.

Promotions & Special Offers

You don’t necessarily need to leave your business premises to attract new sales with custom gifts. Think of running a promotional campaign or special offers to drive sales during low sales periods. You can offer a quality bottle of wine with a custom label as a gift for making a purchase or have a series of custom gifts of different values. An engraved set of whisky glasses may be appropriate for a major sale and perhaps a custom notebook and pen set for a smaller sale.

Transform your next event or promotional campaign into a truly memorable one with custom gifts for your customers. Call PrintVolution and speak to our consultants to design the best custom gift package for your next special event. It’s always better to give than receive but it’s even better when your generosity is returned with new customers.

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