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Events T-shirt Printing-5 Exciting Events for Custom Tees

Events T-shirt Printing-5 Exciting Events for Custom Tees

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It is almost impossible to walk around without seeing a person or two wearing t-shirts. There is something special about a t-shirt, apart from the fact that people love them and can hardly say no to a free one. With customized tees carrying your details, design, logo, company colors and other information, it can be a game changer in your marketing efforts.

Here are 5 events where customized t-shirt printing will come in handy any day.

  1. Corporate functions

If you are planning a corporate event, such as a business exhibition, tradeshow, team building event or just a company’s day out, custom tees will work wonders for the event. You can use t-shirts to spread the message and brand, helping identify the workers while subtly selling the company and letting people know how you can be contacted, including a link to your website.

Custom t-shirts are superb attention grabbers and do not have to be boring, dull and low quality. Have them perfectly designed; your Singapore custom tee event t-shirt printing firm will do it all for you.

You can actually have different colors for the different products you are marketing or various departments you might have in your company. Together with other freebies such as tote bags, pens, pins and hats your marketing strategy will be on top gear.

  1. Reunions

Do you have a class, family, friends or church reunion coming up? Why not make it a unique event and get equal custom tees for the equal number of attendees? Staying for years without having met your friends, family, former university societies’ colleagues or former workmates can be heart-wrenching.

With custom t-shirts and a fabulous, well organized event you can make it even more special and unique. Choose the colors, mascots, design and even the material, get in touch with your Singapore printing company and you will be soon good to go.

  1. Fundraisers

These days, fundraising functions are so common. If you have one that is coming up soon, such as raising money for certain causes, medical bills, marathons, cancer or disease awareness among others, custom tees add more to your event that you may realize.

The t-shirts will market the event more, create lots of awareness and recruit more people who might give to the cause. Also, all attendees will be in the same colors depending on what you decide to go with.

  1. Charity functions  

You might be planning a charity even with a difference to impact your neighborhood or society at large for various reasons. Charity events usually have a huge impact on so many people and there is no better way of making them special than adorning matching custom tees throughout and offering people as many as you can for free. The message printed on them will be shared for a long time after the event.

  1. Birthdays and anniversaries

Have a birthday coming up soon? Is it a marriage or job anniversary? Celebrate it uniquely with a custom tee. Your Singapore t-shirt printing company will get it done fast and will include all the customizations, colors, images and quotes you want printed on them.

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