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Headshot on Your Unique Name Cards-Worth Considering

Headshot on Your Unique Name Cards-Worth Considering?

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Have you ever thought of headshots on your name cards? When is the right time to have your image on name cards? Headshots on name cards have always been there but seemingly not for everyone. Even so, such headshots Namecard printing might turn out to be a game changer in brand building and marketing.

Why headshots make sense in name card printing

According to name card printing companies Singapore service providers, headshots have diverse advantages:

Easy to put a face to a card-Headshot on a name card can help persons to connect with you on a personal level, weeks to months later. Image on name cards also creates familiarity that when you meet in future the person with the card feels they know you. It makes them feel they are working with a real person, not an amorphous company or service provider.

Helps to build brand/personal recognition-Headshot business card printing together with diverse marketing items in your overall marketing strategy creates better brand or personal recognition. Adverts, websites, t-shirts to billboards with your image or that of your brand, including your name cards allow people to recognize you more and deepen connection.

Images speak louder than words-Just a plain name card with a few words can work, but not as effective as you would want. People love images and connect easily with them. Rather than a boring, plain card a headshot adds some life, style and appeal.

Downsides to headshot name card printing Singapore choices

In certain instances adding a headshot might not be a great idea.

Looks too much: Headshot might appear overdone and too much if not unpleasant. Essentially, it should help you stand out and connect with the next person. It works well for businesses such as real estate agencies where agents want to connect with new clients and offer a personal touch.  However, if every person is adding headshots it might not be a great idea.

Bad idea in large businesses: If your company has grown exponentially and offering personalized services is no longer easy or practical, a headshot on a name card is definitely a bad idea. Using one grows expectation in people that you will offer a personalized service only to disappoint them later. A headshot might work against your efforts to build your business and grow; it seeks to grow the reputation of a person rather than an organization, which you might not want.

So, should you add a headshot on your name card? Is it worth it?

The answer is not yet a yes or no. So many factors have to be considered. If you are comfortable with it and your main goal is to build yourself and your personal reputation then it is worth considering. It helps people to trust you fast.

However, if you are growing a business a headshot might decrease your company’s trustworthiness. If you must have a headshot, work with the printing services Singapore name card provider to make sure it is not tasteless or overdone.


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