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How to Get Your Promotional Mugs Printed Online Now

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How to Get Your Promotional Mugs Printed Online Now

How to Get Your Promotional Mugs Printed Online Now

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Everyone knows the value of promotional mug printing. Apart from making sure people never forget your brand, logo or message, it is inexpensive and has a better and longer reach than most marketing strategies.

So, how do you get your promotional mugs printed online now in Singapore?

Real-time communication

With a responsive in-house staff ready to get your mugs printed fast, you have so many ways of getting in touch and making your request.

Firstly, all the contact information you need to get in touch is available on your Singapore mug printing company website. You can use the contact us to add your name, email, phone number and even business name and position if you believe that information is important and request an online quotation for all the mugs you need custom printed.

Making your request on the website allows you to indicate lots of details, such as size, material, quantity and even timelines. You can also upload artworks or print ideas you might want considered for your promotional mugs.

Calling in with your order is another way to request for mug printing services, which is perfect when you want to talk directly to a representative. You can even use social networking means such as Telegram or WhatsApp to make an enquiry.

At times, you might want to make a general enquiry via email. Sending an email request allows you to make a comprehensive appeal and even attach design ideas you might have.

No matter where you are, getting your custom mugs printed in Singapore doesn’t have to be complex. It is as simple as making a call, sending an email or reaching out via Telegram or WhatsApp.

Getting your mugs printed fast via the internet is that simple. The results however, are more immense, such as:

  • Spreading your brand: With your logo, tagline or message on the mug your promotional message will spread beyond the company walls. Especially when your logo, image or design is eye-catching and unique, very few people will stop themselves from interacting with the mug and of course your company.
  • Keepsake always wins: Many promotional products are disposable and forgettable. Not so with custom mug printing. Mugs remain on top of coffee tables and office hallways, kitchens and living rooms months or years later. As far as it remains unbroken exposure is almost assured.
  • Easily shareable: When a person takes two mugs or so they intend to hand over to their friends or family, your brand message will also be shared. Custom printed mugs are superb conversation starters. People will take the time to share the story of your business or curiously call in or email via the contact information printed on it for more details on your services or products.

Custom printed mugs offer a lot of benefits, especially exposure and keeping your company in people’s eyes and minds. Even better, if you ever want to sell your uniquely crafted and printed mugs you can do so and earn some extra income while promoting your business or products in the process.

Mug printing in Singapore always goes a long way.



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