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 Is There Ways of Using Name Cards Effectively

 Is There Ways of Using Name Cards Effectively?

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Name card printing services and design can help you to use your name cards effectively.  With so many creative ways of maximizing on name cards, establishing the connection you need with current and potential clients and customers can be done easily.

Opinion about you in a name card

Firstly though, you must ensure the printing services in Singapore designing and printing your name cards have got you the best possible card. Why so? The first thing people do when you hand them your card is form an opinion or a guess about your business or you as an individual.

They touch the card and feel it and know whether it is of superb thickness, embossed or not, folded or not, etc. Most individuals want to know almost immediately whether it’s a cheap card or of a traditional card size. The way your cards are designed and printed is very important since they will always speak loudly about you.

Use them as appointment reminders

One of the best ways of using name cards effectively is using them as appointment reminders.  They are used virtually everywhere out there; from a fashionable salon, doctor’s office to goods stores. As you establish future meetings and various appointments with business associates, partners and diverse customers use name cards as appointment cards. They will remind your potential and current clientele of future meetings and your contact details will make it easy for them to call right away if need be.

Include them in shopping/sale bags

As you package people’s orders in shopping bags learn to add a business card in each bag. As they remove their items the card will also be taken out and placed somewhere safe for future reference, perhaps on a fridge door, wall or bedroom table. If you have seasonal or upcoming sales, important facts about your products or business ensure the name cards at least have this information. Customers will not just leave with their orders but your contact information or basically a piece of you in a name card as well.

Information name card

Rather than just a mere name, phone number, email and address, you can make your name card an information one through your printing service in Singapore. Apart from your contact information all you are as a business or brand will be shared with the name card too. Simply ensure the card has short, concise and vital information about your services, products or brand.

Even better, request your Singapore printing services company to make the card a bit longer to encompass a calendar. People like mini calendars they can refer to perhaps beside their bed table, office computer, refrigerator door, etc.

Name card and loyalty points

Your printing service Singapore professionals can tell you name cards are usable as loyalty cards for your business. Simply let customers know, whether on the card or via other means or both, that they can earn redeemable loyalty points every time they bring the name card with them for stamping or punching.



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