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Signs Your Typical Name Cards Are Not Effective

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Signs Your Typical Name Cards Are Not Effective

Signs Your Typical Name Cards Are Not Effective

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You have done wonderfully well and got in touch with a printing services Singapore professional and had some name cards printed. They are typical and ordinary but you have no problem with it. Here are signs that your ordinary-looking name cards are not effective.

Name card style wrong

If your card style has gone through the Namecard printing process and you still not getting much out of it months later something is wrong. For instance, engineers, doctors or accountants among other conservative service providers are served well by name cards with white backgrounds and text in black. Any other style will be befuddling to those you give the card who may just discard it.

Essentially, you should not get the style of your name card wrong depending on your industry; the color, texture and others you use will determine if people will keep the card or toss it away.

Name card is overstuffed

It is possible to look at a business card only to have overstuffed texts, color blends and other graphical elements distract and confuse you significantly. It can be hard for the eyes and mind. Rather than fill a small card with all manner of texts about your company or product and other details keep it simple.

Otherwise, your typical name cards will be a burden to those who look at them that they simply throw them away. Ensure the design of your card from the name card printing professionals is great to the eyes, simple and concise without requiring so much out of the person looking at it.

You didn’t get logo right

If you have a logo on your name card you probably got it wrong and your ordinary card is not really making any effect as expected. If it is too large on the card that it appears oversized all other vital information on the card appears dwarfed and secondary. For instance, your CTA (call-to-action), address, phone number etc., might not have been making the impact you thought they would on the person looking at the card. Get the logo right and ensure together with everything else it doesn’t clutter your name card and affect readability.

Unhelpful name card

The small size and simplicity of a name card as all printing companies Singapore would tell you, is that it should be helpful to your overall branding and marketing and not do the opposite. Essentially, if your name card does not make the reader to get what you are selling or service being provided in seconds you have failed. If this is the case you might want to ensure the design is adjusted to make sure the person looking at the card know who you are, what you do or providing and how to reach you almost immediately.

Vital information lacking

It is possible to forget to add important information on your name cards. Leaving email addresses, website URL, social media handles, mobile phone numbers etc. could be the reason your name cards printed in Singapore aren’t effective as you would expect.

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